Thursday, 28 November 2013

Shoot intentions: 
Find the abstract in the image, whilst capturing geometric compositions. Using a variety of viewpoints I intend to photograph elements of the environment that we come into contact with everyday. Focus on shape, line, tone, and texture.

Capturing something we walk over on a daily basis from an interesting perspective helped to make this composition unique. Adjusting the contrast helped to highlight the range of tones and textures.

Fascinated by the repetition of line, I felt intrigued to capture this formation. Slightly adjusting the brightness and contrast helped to add a vintage look which amplifies the ageing consequences one receives as a result of smoking. 

The webbed effect of this composition almost grabs the viewer in. Depth of field creates a sense of separation between the foreground and the background. Having studied the work of Jackson Pollock, an influential artist and leader in the abstract expressionism, I found myself looking through the viewfinder with a different mindset. He has taught me that an inital glance of a composition does not always express the true meaning. Sometimes one has to look deeper into the photo to understand the meaning or story. 

When shooting this image I was inspired by Polly Rockberger and her sequence "signs in the city". Looking at ordinary markings on the road I found a way to intrigue the viewer by capturing the subject from a different perspective.

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